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The only fun park of its kind in Slovakia. At the end of the village Pavčina Lehota, just below the steepest bobslide track, you can try your skills as a real „Liptov Sheepherder“. Surrounded by the Tatra peaks, in an environment which include the flocks of sheep grazing on mountain meadows. 

Animal feeding

Sheep feeding and herding

is a unique and specific part of the traditional folk culture of Slovakia. Come to visit our sheep and try to graze them through the obstacle course. Play with the lambs or feed them directly from your hand.


Entertainment for everybody

awaits you in the meadow with breathtaking views of the Liptov basin and the surrounding Low and Western Tatras!

Expect attractions

you can refresh yourself in the buffet with draft beer or enjoy the undisturbed peace with the family, like the old sheepherders in Liptov. Looking forward to your visit!

Horse riding

Enjoy riding on the horse Asana in the beautiful country view of Low Tatras. Rides are dedicated for children´s under 12 years.

Horse riding

Looking forward to meet you, new Sheepherders

The park is open  only during the summer season. Please check the opening hours on our website.








Where can you find us?

49°01'37.7"N 19°33'46.7"E

Pavčina Lehota under the BOBSLIDE



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